Why Your Ecommerce Business Should Have A Mobile Application in 2017

2017 steps down with multiple huge changes within the software industry and this year the ecommerce industry is growing drastically. With the growth of e-commerce, the competition in the market has significantly increased. Now, it is the era of online shopping and trends are at it’s peak. Today, if you ask any e-commerce merchant, you will eventually learn that each one of them are aiming to expand their respective businesses.

But, can every merchant easily create better opportunities?

The answer is No! And the reason is quite simple. An e-commerce business, whether big or small, have their own e-commerce mobile application and their respective applications play a major role in gathering maximum number of customers. Today, the usage of cellular technology is not biased to messages and calls only, but it can be used for multiple other purposes. In this fast paced growing technological era, mobile phone has become one of the most important and preferable need for every individual.

Not just any phones, but Smartphones. Yes, they have become quite common and you can easily find one in each individual’s hand. Each smartphone runs on a wide range of applications and hence, in my opinion, a smartphone plays an important role in attracting customers towards your respective businesses. Today, applications becomes one of the main source of creating customer interaction and engagement and thus resulting in creating increased revenue for your individual businesses. Not just any business, this interaction has created a smart way of creating revenue for e-commerce merchants as well.

Nowadays, e-commerce platforms are more directed towards selling products to individuals who are looking forward to purchase the one you are selling online. With the advent of mobile applications and smartphones, people are highly reliant on making purchases through their handheld devices. If you own an online e-commerce web store then you can surely take this huge opportunity as an advantage and provide customers with an application to make those specific purchases from your store. This approach is highly welcomed by the 90% audience due to simple order system and fulfilling their needs on fingertips.

If you are still not sure why your e-commerce online store requires a  mobile application, then here is a list of reasons why every ecommerce merchant should own a mobile application for their respective businesses. So let’s move ahead with listing them down, hopefully, you will be able to make the decision yourself, once you are done reading my article.

Let’s start with some top reason, why every e-commerce merchant needs an app.

1: Mobile Application Help You Stay in Front of Your Customer at All Times

Today, the mobile app is one stop solution for business owners especially e-commerce merchants who have to face their customers each day.  If your application is visible and user-friendly, then it becomes a part of the daily life cycle. It does not only retains your presence effective online, but can also cater solutions to customers while being offline. During the offline mode, customers can go through your products and can create a wishlist for themselves so they can make the purchases later. According to a Business insider in coming years, the m-commerce will reach $284 billion of the total U.S. e-commerce market, by 2020. So we can observe that a huge amount of people are already interested in buying more mobile phones instead of a computer, and this is just a beginning.

2: Built-in features in the smartphones empowers e-commerce apps

Built in features of smartphones help the e-commerce apps to keep tracking the action of customers. For example, an App such as Instagram utilises the camera feature to the best, it lets the users capture their picture and post it in the app which helps the other users to keep track of their followers.  So, with these built in features rolling out, you can make an alert on your user phone and inform them about your new products and your discount offers on the go.

3: Mobile Application Expand businesses

When selling products online, making deals on hand within the market can become a bit of a tricky task. However, Mobile application opens a new door for e-commerce merchants and in the business world by dealing their customers on hand and making their shopping easy. As above I mentioned in these days’ users prefer to shop faster, and nothing serves best then a mobile application.

4: Faster, Easiest and Comfortable Payment Methods with Mobile Apps

With increasing cases of cyber crime, users feel unsafe to provide their credit card details and passwords. A mobile application mitigates such hassles and provide enough satisfaction for your customer that they can process a fully secure payment through multiple online services. These services may include PayPal, Amazon and digital wallets such as Google Wallet. Another trend that has gained significant recognition is the BitCoin and it is widely used as an accepted online payment methods. You can find their respective wallets in the form of different mobile applications likewise. These services help users to undertake the process of payment and the user feels much safe while making purchases. With the mobile app, you do not only increase your business you can build a solid trust among your users.

5: Increase the Conversion Ratio of Your Ecommerce Store

The charm of e-commerce app is that they allow you to integrate features such as social media and videos of your products, and trust me this will help you to increase your conversion ratio to a great extent. With an app, you can easily attract your customers by showing them testimonials and products recommendation. Your app usually comes with a built in option that allows users to share such insights. You can also provide such stuff using mobile app which will go a long way in making them more likely to buy products from you.

6: Retail Applications Are Compulsive

Now a day’s user of smartphones are highly addictive and it is one of the main reason why mobile app development for e-commerce stores holds due importance. Satisfaction and flexibility are the driving factors and many people are using mobile application for window shopping purposes. According to a survey, it has been found that many e-commerce stores  have an e-commerce app. Almost, 61% people are actually using their e-commerce app multiple number of times per week. This is not amazing? Actually yes it is, a retail application is humble and this is the big reason of why their customers prefer them instead of a web based e-commerce store.

7: Give Your Customers Easy to Use and Advance Featured App

As I mentioned above mobile app not only help you increase your sales, the app also creates a strong relationship between you and your customers. But this is all possible when you provide your users easy to use and fully featured applications. With the help of experienced mobile app development agency, you can give your customers unique mobile app for shopping. You can also create multi-device app like Android mobile application, IOS mobile application, Blackberry mobile application and so on.

Final Thought

In my opinion, mobile applications are the future. Smartphones owners are increasing their production day by day and users are using their devices to shop and search for a wide range of products. A mobile app is not only providing a personalized user experience that many customers now prefer. But, it is also becoming a challenge for the traditional methods of shopping and are helping businesses to stand out from the competition.

In Arturo Digital we are gladly providing free consultations to e-commerce merchants for mobile app design. We build mobile app development strategy for their e-commerce business growth. So contact us in below comment section for guidance and our experts will help you design the application you desire. Not only that, but we ensure that your project is successfully completed and you get a fully functional app for your online store within no time.    

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