Tips for Online Selling Success This Holiday Season

Every year the holiday seasons bring with it a shopping frenzy witnessed only once a year. Businesses of all sorts get rushed into, sales elevate to record breaking peaks. Making the life of store owners and workers a little haphazard. This includes web-stores as well, with online shopping becoming more of a necessity of life rather than a convince driven interest, online stores are now visited, bought off from and cater to a much larger audience than physical stores do. Just like physical stores online stores need to take a few measures in-order to actually become fit for the challenge that is the holiday season shopping spree.

Here are some tips to BoostE-commerce Store Sales that will also help you get ready for the Holiday season sales:

Make Sure Your E-Store is mobile friendly

Ever clicked on a link from you Facebook newsfeed that lead to an unproportioned website? That is a pretty common unfortunate mistake that occurs when you’re getting e-commerce solutions from unexperienced web-designers. If your E-commerce store is not mobile compatible, you are not only losing out on a huge number of potential clients, you’re also going to get a bad search engine ranking. According to the latest guidelines from Google’s algorithm, if your website is not mobile friendly crawlers take a longer time in reviewing it and giving you a better rank. Getting your website completely mobile friendly is essential, and should be a primitive stage when you get your E-Store made.

Optimize your Web-store

Lagging or delay in response from websites, is one of the leading reasons why your web-store would lose a greater number of visits, eventually resulting in lesser traffic and an even worse decline in sales. Loading speed is essential, just like how a physical store’s appearance makes a huge impact on whether the client will make a purchase or not. Loading speed is your first impression, it does not matter how attractive your e-commerce store is and how affordable your products or services are. If the visitor gets bored from having to wait in order to see it, you’ve already lost the deal.

Your e-commerce solutions provide should be able to test and reduce the total loading time of your e-store and optimize it to the fullest, so that your clients save time and you make more sales!

Heavy traffic will also increase the lag time on your store, if it is not properly optimized for the holiday season sales.

Smooth the checkout process

“The sooner the checkout the quicker the sale” is a golden rule that all online retailers and e-commerce stores should keep in mind. Just like how in life, you hate getting in long ques to checkout your shopping cart, the same happens online. If your checkout process is too lengthy, clients might get distracted or bored from having to fill out a bunch of forms and go through an extensive number of pages in-order to complete the purchase. What you need is quick engagement and quick closing, meaning that the distance between Add to cart and payment needs to be minimized. Often times having the users connect their social media accounts such as Facebook in order to get their basic information, is the best way to go about it. This reduces the number of forms required to fill and also makes the entire process more seamless.

Indirectly, your e-commerce solution providers play a vital role on how much money you make, since a lot of the factors that make your store a success are interlinked with how good of a service you get, and how promptly a conflict or a problem can be resolve. During the holiday season people generally need to have a surety from their web-store administrators and supporting staff as the holiday season sales brings in with it flocks of customers. You need to be sure that your backend is being taken care of by a team of people that are skillful and helpful enough to see it through with you. The folks at Arturo Digital, ensure maximum customer satisfaction by being accessible throughout the holiday season as well. Making sure that all of your operations are running in a smooth manner, and to assist you whenever you’ve got your back against the wall. Yes, these guys are so customer centric that they work through the holiday season.

Be sure to tick out these tips before the season begins, so you can make the most out of it!


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