How Mobile Application Development Help Small Businesses

The rise of technology has enabled many audiences to interconnect with the whole world using the world wide web. Whether you are taking a casual stroll in the park, sitting around in a cafe or going up on an elevator, you may find every third person scrolling through their smartphone screen. Recent analysis performed by Gallup (a survey team) shows that more than a third quarter of the American population check into their mobile phones at least once per hour.

With the advent of social media platforms and mobile applications, the use of smartphones is not only on the rise, but has exceeded far beyond its expected consumption cycle. Apparently, this exceptional usage has compelled multiple mobile app development company, such as our own, to create multitude of applications worldwide. In the world of today, it is highly important that business owners should realize how small business mobile apps can help them gain an extra competitive edge.

If you are a small business owner, then it is extremely important that you understand the significance of mobile application and what role it plays in grooming your business up.

What Role Does A Mobile App Plays in Your Small Scale Business?

A mobile app will ensure that all the information of your business are available on fingertips of your customers. It makes your business much easier to access by them. They can add comments to your products and even leave behind a good or bad review, so you may learn how many loopholes your business have. Here are some the points to consider before you go viral with your application development for small scale business.

Mobile Application: A Promotional Tool

Many organizations think that a well-designed, fully responsive and performance optimized website is the core contributor for a website success. The notion itself, to certain extent, is indeed true. However, a mobile application often becomes a more subtle and easier way to communicate customers effectively. People tend to roam around play stores to purchase apps rather than performing browser searches, unless they really need to google it. A mobile app can really become a promotional tool for your brand, the one that your business really need.

Build A Community

What most organizations fail to realize is that a mobile application can give them a social exposure which they have relentlessly missed out on for many years. More than 85% of applications on different mobile stores have their own thriving communities built around them. People are discussing about the type of service they offer, what additional features make them unique, what disadvantages the application have and how the developers can improve them. Imagine your business gains all that and a lot more based on its unique functionality! Not a bad idea, isn’t it?

An Additional Revenue Stream

Not many really do realize, but a mobile application can become your additional revenue stream. It can help you boost your sales and increase productivity. Assuming that it is a service or product that you wish to offer customers, you can sell almost anything through your application with affordable pricing plans. Not only that, but you get to make more with each download from the Stores or simply if your app is a paid one! You are on a triple kill streak!

Cost Reduction & Productivity

Reaching out the right audience efficiently help most small scale organizations to cut down on marketing costs. If your application has social media integration, most users will do their part on their own. How is it possible? Most mobile applications offer you to bind your social media accounts with the app and sooner or later, it will prompt its user to share or invite more friends if they are satisfied with the functionality and performance. That’s how most revenue streams get productive on mobile applications boosting business productivity up to 40%.

Faster Purchases

Giving your business a mobile application means you are opening new doors to conduct more business efficiently. Most mobile applications perform 1.5 times faster as compared to other websites allowing increased purchases of products. The functionalities for website and application are almost similar. According to recent statistics, more than 30-40% of annual revenue of most small scale businesses are dependent on m-commerce. The alarming number is projected to touch a total of $150 billion at the end of this year. A major portion of these purchases contributes to Amazon bagging million of customers each year.

Earn Customer Loyalty

One of the many reasons why mobile applications help boost your business proficiency is that most stores are optimized to provide quick feedback and review for the application you just sent out into the market. It’s simply how most mobile app stores work! Good reviews ensure that your customers will keep coming back to you and you gain additional new ones for your application. Good engagements on your app will not only provide you a morale boost, it will help you get more new customers and earn brand loyalty.

Geolocation & Navigation

Smartphones are a much better computing device as compared to laptops/desktops when it comes to ease of use and portability. It offers customers with front & back camera, code scanners, positioning system for location, compass and more built-in features which enables user to fulfil commercial purposes. Using m-commerce solution, users are compelled to easily navigate different users to nearest store locations using GPS. Easy navigation allows customers to easily locate a nearby store to reach within no time. If you have a franchise or a service shop, the case is just about same.

Virtualization of smartphone media and applications have transformed the digital world dramatically. What used to fit in the size of a room is now easily fitted in the palm of your hand! And most functionalities on these handheld devices are contributed through mobile applications. If your business doesn’t have one yet, maybe you are missing a rather large group of customers and that simply what puts your revenue cycle a bit of a risk! Don’t miss out an opportunity to grow your business, get your business a mobile app!

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