The Best Mobile Phone Applications For Android/iOS in 2017

Smart technology drives organizational performance, boost productivity, offers faster response time and ensure sustainable communities around the world. Today’s competitive advantage revolves around big data and how organizations optimize and make use of it. And, in this cloud of information handling, smart phones play a significant role.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, smart phones have become a common norm among the population in general. They act like a miniature portable laptop that you can carry around within your pockets. Because, with smartphones you aren’t only connected to your friends and family, but you are connected with the whole world.

So how does smart technology and phones impact our lives? Well the answer is simple, these smart technologies work on applications and hence, today, I am going to discuss about one of the leading mobile applications that give users an extra edge.

Google Opinion Rewards

While most handful mobile applications may cost you a dime or a dollar, a few may result in helping you redeem your money back. With Google Opinion Rewards on your phone, all you have to do is answer quick surveys for the Google team and they will pay you up in credits. You get surveys around once a week and they are quite short and relevant. If you answer them, you receive up to $1.00 in Play credit.

The Questions may range from “Which place serves the best food?” or maybe “Where are you planning to lodge in for the weekend?”. By simply answering them you can earn free money and then later on spend it to purchase paid applications, musics, games and much more.

Get yourself the Google Opinion Rewards app right now. You can easily download it from here.

Google Authenticator

Although, iPhone users are well secured. But, if you keep an Android one then Google Authenticator is an important application that needs to be on your phone. Even with the most secure password, you are still not entirely secure on your Android device. All google accounts allows users to set up a two-step verification method, and Google Authenticator makes it much easier for you.

With Google Authenticator you can generate a 2 step verification codes on your phone. It strengthens the security of all your Google Accounts by adding an additional second step of verification every time you sign in. Alongside your password, you will require a pre-generated code to log in to your account which you can access from the Google Authenticator application.

Get yourself the Google Authenticator app right now. You can easily download it from here.


No matter how beautiful your original clicked picture may be, you still need to add a bit of an editing to it. And, when it comes to editing nothing serves better than Snapspeed. Most phones are equipped with the most basic image editing capabilities; however, Snapspeed is a more enhanced solution for you. How’s that? Because it offers you more than cropping or adding artsy filters to your pictures.

With Snapspeed, you get a clean, touch-friendly, bright and attractive interface through which you can easily adjust the saturation, brightness and hue of pictures of different quality. You can also crop, rotate, add text and do a lot more. This application is absolutely free and Google keeps rolling out multiple updates so users can have an amazing experience while using it.

Get yourself the Snapspeed app right now. You can easily download it from here.


Most phones provide free stock wallpapers, and they are limited to only three to four different types of variations. So, are you running low on wallpapers for your mobile phone? Then Zedge can come in handy in such a case. It offers a wide range of well categorized wallpaper catalogs.

It has more than hundreds of background images for your desktop wallpapers, most of which are simply created for mobile usage. What gives Zedge an extra edge among other wallpaper applications on mobile phones? It’s because, alongside wallpapers, Zedge offers you ringtones as well which are pretty trendy.

Get yourself the Zedge app right now. You can easily download it from here.

Google Maps

Whether you own an Android phone or an Apple one, Google Maps is a must have web application that is mandatory for on your phone. Google Maps is the king of map applications within the digital realm. Whether you are located in United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil or India… It will guide you to your desired destination within no time. That’s because Google Maps gives you a diverse access to places of interest.

Also, with Google Maps, you can analyze the traffic flow, get voice based direction system, and also you can easily identify rest stops and gas stations. You can mark locations, highlight them, flag them and even find the best possible route to reach to your destination within the shortest time.

Get yourself the Google Maps app right now. You can easily download it from here.


Are you a big fan of music? Do you have a rather large and increasing list and you don’t know how should you manage it? Are you lost which music will fit to your taste? Well Pandora is just the application you were missing out on! Pandora is available on both Apple and Android and as they say you find music, but great apps such as Pandora allows good music to find you.

This application has multiple features to offer such as personalized radio and on-demand listening for a fair price of $12.99/month. You can easily search and play your favorite songs and albums from the extensive Pandora library. You can create as many playlists you like and download the songs you want to listen offline. Plus, it offers you unlimited skips and replays and well, the quality of music, indeed surpasses all.

Get yourself the Pandora app right now. You can easily download it from here.

Dark Sky

Looking for something that forecasts whether you are going to have a rainy or a sunny day ahead? Well look no further, because Dark Sky is at your service. This application is available on both, Android and iOS. It’s one of the most accurate source that brings the most latest weather updates to you.

With Dark Sky, you do not only gather the details of the weather forecast from your respective surroundings, but you also get beautiful maps equipped with weather patterns. These weather patterns allow you to identify the changing weathers all across the state and even around the globe.

Get yourself the Dark Sky app right now. You can easily download it from here.

We have assembled some of the top mobile applications that are being widely used in the Android/iOS market this year. So, if you have a smartphone for yourself and you believe you need to equip it with some of the most essential applications, then here are our top picks!

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