Top Social Media Influencers You Must Follow On Twitter In 2017

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, social media has now become a common norm within the society. From youth to elderly people, everyone is now more acquainted with the world through virtual communication networks and smart phones are playing a vital role. To bring things into a much clearer perspective, digital businesses have now taken a toll to make more gold out of the trending norms. What used to be a social sphere to connect and acquaint with like-minded people, has now transformed itself into a global business hub.

How did that become possible? Well, all thanks to one of the greatest social media influencers of all time. It’s none other than one of the top names in the spectrum of digital marketing. These entrepreneurial giants transformed the ideologies of the general population and pushed them through the barriers so they can utilize their resources at hand and transform it into a growing business. All thanks to them, audiences that don’t fit right into the corporate spheres have now better means of earning resources online and create more business for their individual ventures.

Today, we have assembled a list of some of the top social media influencers. They are going exceptionally viral across the Internet like wildfire. So, without much further Ado, let’s delve in.

Mark Schaefer

The author of multiple best-selling books including some of the top names on the market, The Content Code and The Tao of Twitter, Mark Schaefer has created a resonating impact into the realms of digital media. He now stands tall as one of the leading emblems among fellow social media influencers. Mark is a profound speaker and has shaped many lives by emptying large containers of knowledge on how one can groom their online presences. His friends talk about him! They claim that he is indeed one of the nicest person to be around with… Well, you won’t ever know unless you try 😉

Neil Patel

neil-social-media-infleuncerFounder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics, Neil Patel is one of the top selling authors of New York Times, today. Neil build up more than 100 of different brilliant organizations from scratch, organizations that are shaping the future of tomorrow. He gained recognition among the 100 top entrepreneurs of the world just before he hit the mark of 30! If that’s not crazy enough then I don’t know what is. He helps his audiences learn about business digitization by teaching effective SEO through digital media. His teachings are what drove the motivation of many audiences into treading the same path as he did. Want to know how he got there?

Virginia Salas Kastilio

While many fall back in the success race, some emerge out like a shining star. Such is the name of Virginia Salas Kastilio, a youth that redefined Snapchat influences into a third world business culture. She managed to secure some of the top brands on the market including BBC, NASDAQ, SoulPancake, Apple and Orace. Managing business assets worth billions of dollars, Virginia cultivated a weapon of highest secrecy that contains one of the top influences in the Snapchat world. She has educated the idea among many educational institutions. Want to learn more on how she plans to promote the rising Snap trends in 2017?


Rand Fishkin

Ever heard of Moz? Well, if you are an SEO specialist or a newbie in the field, Moz is just the play to start with. It is a complete step by step guide to perfect search engine optimization! Rand Fishkin is the guy behind Moz. He is one of the biggest market influencers and offers effective lessons on Digital Marketing and SEO. Due to his rising creativity and ability to understand larger audiences, he is known as the “Wizard of Moz”.

Do you want to check how Rand Fishkin cracks the biggest SEO myths? Checkout this amazing youtube video:

Branden Hampton


Considered as the king of social media, Brand Hampton is one of the leading figures in the realm of social networking. He is the largest social media publisher out there. This guy is simply everywhere! He has built a fan following of more than 33 Million across different social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Branden is also the CEO of One Penny Ad Agency and has released one of the aspiring readable works such as “How to Start Up Your Business for Under $1000.” Interested to know what Branden is up to?

Will Reynolds

If you are looking for an authoritative figure on the the subject of SEO and Digital Marketing, then Will Reynold is a renowned speaker and has developed some of the best SEO strategies for audiences worldwide. More than millions today are acknowledging and developing state-of-the-art SEO strategy by enlightening themselves following the same path as Will Reynolds did. This amazing SEO magician is the founder of one of the famous SEO/SEM consulting firm, SEER Interactive.

Interested in taking a sneak peek on how Will Reynolds engages his audiences, Check out his video: 

Mari Smith


Not many shines the light bright when it comes to social media marketing as Mari Smith does. She holds a leading position when it comes to educate individuals on how to perform effective Facebook marketing. To expand the knowledge base among multiple individuals far and wide, she also published two art works and had the audacity to share stages with some of the most successful entrepreneurs of today including Richard Branson, Dalai Lama and Tony Robbins. If you want to know more about Mari Smith and her Facebook marketing campaigns, turn towards her official website blog page.

Joe Pullizzi


Joe is the guy leading the Content Marketing Institute. Infact, he was the first to coined the term, “Content Marketing” back in 2001. Joe has always been a leading image when it comes to influencing online marketing. He is the one who created the mind sets of many to lead in the field of content and create websites that enhance the knowledge base of the digital web. Here’s a link to the video on some of the secrets that Joe Pullizi shares with us:

Leonard Kim


Kim’s content is read by more than 10 million people worldwide. He is one of the experts in personal branding and has published content with a well versed social media following of over 250k people around the world. Through his consistency in exceptional branding, he helped many organizations polish their brand images. He is recognized as one of the Top Marketing Influencer on Forbes, Recognized as the Youth Market for Inc Magazine and as a renowned Branding Expert by Entrepreneur Magazine. Kim takes pleasure in also being the managing partner of Influence Tree.

Ann Handley


Content is King! Or maybe that’s how the notion flies around in the air. If you are an avid writer and wish to polish your content development skills profoundly, get onboard with Ann Handley. She gives the best guidance on how to create profit generating content for customers worldwide. She speaks on the subject of Digital Marketing and has been assigned as a columnist for the renowned, She is the co-founder of ClickZ and has also performed adequate role as the Chief Content Officer at Marketingprofs.

Here is a link to the video on how Ann Handley engage audiences on creating some of the best content online:

Travis Wright


Travis is not just any other social media influencer, he is a marketer, author, columnist, podcaster, technologist, speaker, consultant and a lot more. Well, there is nothing that you think you know and Travis can’t do because Travis is actually the real Mr. Know-it-all. He is well known under the name title T-Dub among many of his friends. His friends claim that he is super-friendly, but one thing we are assured about is that whatever he is, he is extremely passionate. He loves technology and has an extra taste for people whose humor bones tingle when they discuss digital.


Kimra Luna


When it comes to personal branding and devising the best online strategy to go ballistic with your businesses, then look no further than Kimra Luna. Kimra knows how you can build your digital business from scratch. She has helped many startups to grow from 0 to a Million Dollar company. She educates young entrepreneurs on how they can capture and engage large audiences with their respective product/service.

Are you interested to learn on how to start a successful business online, the fastest way! Check out her video: 

Oli Gardner

When it comes to landing page designs, Oli Gardner is the man of the hour. As one of the biggest influences on the subject of landing pages, he enlightens many hearts and mind by educating youngsters on the structure of the website. For him, converting direct traffic into potential customers is what contributes to the success story of your businesses. He is one of the key speakers in conferences on digital marketing and has made many famous publications on Moz.

Want to know how he creates remarkable results when it comes to landing page designs, check out his video:

Andy Crestodina


Andy is the founder of the Chicago based Web Design and Development Agency which goes by the name, Orbit Media. He has significantly contributed into the web world as a digital strategist. He has spoken on multitude platforms on different occasions and is the author of the famous book Content Chemistry. If you wish to learn on how you can convert the data on the Internet in potential content with quick decisions, then look no further than Andy, he is just the guy to meet your individual technological needs.

Larry Kim

larry-social-media-influencerFounder of Wordstream, Larry Kim is the top influencer when it comes to the subject of Pay-per-Click. He has written an amazing guide on how one can learn the important attributes of digital marketing. He has significantly contributed and delivered publications for Forbes, and Search Engine Land. Are you interested to learn about how digital marketing can shape the future of tomorrow? Well check out Larry Kim brief on the current state of online marketing:

Final Thought:

While the world is on the brink of development and taking considerate steps in shaping the future of tomorrow with innovative digital products, so has the increase in application development has incremented. Virtualization is necessary and that’s where Arturo Digital is making its significant contribution into the world. Crafting business solutions for ventures worldwide, Arturo believes in delivering the best in class digital solutions to a wide range of audience.

It’s because, we believe in constructing the future of tomorrow.

Social Media is the next big thing on the market. It’s what crafts the future of tomorrow. People don’t rely on word of mouth or even traditional teachings and understandings as much as they have a core belief on the words of the trend setters on such platforms. It is extremely necessary that when you build and supervise your social media presence, you pick out the right ones to follow. So, make your choice wisely! With that, I am signing off for the day. Have a good week 😉

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