Legends of Tomorrow: The Prodigy Himself, Jeffrey Wallace!

In today’s world, not many do we find who carry a heart of gold in their chest. We don’t find role models worth following or maybe, we end up following the wrong ones. What we really need in life are authentic heroes. People with integrity. People who can inspire us and make us believe that we can do better. We can set our bars high, we can aim for the stars and shoot across the sky! We need someone who make us believe that we can stand taller.

God can do extraordinary things. He created men and women and give them the power to make choices on their own. And from among us, he rose the extraordinary! Not all have the courtesy to utilize their choices in fulfilling the right causes and carving the right pathways for others. Only a few are gifted with such talent! Jeffrey Wallace is such a name that emerges on the tides of time as the one who contributed himself to craft the lives of many.

Jeffrey Delano Wallace is an American Entrepreneur and the President of Altus Corporation. He has been inducted in the INROADS hall of fame of 2004 and achieved the Distinguished Achievement Award (2012) from Houston Community College.

In today’s interview, I am going to discuss about the career journey of Mr. Jeffrey Wallace and how he achieved everything in his life. When I asked him about his professional he said “While perceiving my career in law and criminology, I spent my time at Covenant House Texas to help troubled youths. And I realized I will follow a career path in rehabilitating lives for the betterment of the society rather than pursuing a career in law enforcement.”

It’s one of the many reasons which compelled me to conduct his interview. At Arturo Digital, we are always seeking Influencers such as Jeffrey Wallace so we can share their knowledge with our readers.

How did he really made it possible for others? Let’s hear it from the Legend himself,

Abeer: It is indeed a pleasure to have you onboard with us! Can you please share an insight on your early life and education? Who was the source of your motivation and what made you to take such a huge step in life?

Jeffrey Wallace: Glad you asked! The roots of my motivation dates back to the time when I was just a kid. My source of passion was none other than my own mother. She showed me the meaning of a caring heart, she showed me the light in this dark world. LaVerne Wallace (my mother), may she be honored in the house of Lord, spent a major chunk of her lifespan in helping people. She expended 40 years of her life in various healthcare institutions, hospice, community clinics and hospitals. The real credit for where I stand goes to my parents who taught me the magnitude of “giving” and doing it in a way that helps people elevate themselves.

My early days were the same as any other kid on the block. I climbed the stairs of education a step after the another. Though, my turning point of life was when I got into the Grambling State University through a scholarship in Tennis and completed my bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Grambling State University, Monroe, Louisiana. My interests developed in subject areas of criminology and I finally completed my Master’s degree in Criminology/Law Enforcement Public Administration.

While perceiving my career in law and criminology, I spent my time at Covenant House Texas to help troubled youths. And I realized I will follow a career path in rehabilitating lives for the betterment of the society rather than pursuing a career in law enforcement. I gave up my dream to make the dreams of others possible.

Abeer: That’s pretty interesting! And I am simply amazed. Jeff, becoming a President is not an overnight task and from the way you put it, I believe it took you a long way to get here… Can you shed some light on your professional journey?

Jeffrey Wallace: Yeah sure why not! As soon as I graduated from the Grambling University, Louisiana back in 1995, I got relocated to Houston where I started working as a pre-sentence investigator for the former Judge Ted Poe. I also offered my services as the juvenile detention and probation officer. While performing my duties, I realized how it was important that people should have stability in life and proper healthcare services and how many lives are deprived of even the basic necessities. As soon as I completed my probation at the US County, I was transferred to MHMRA where I spent my time as the Senior Case Manager. So you see, I was a bit of a productive enthusiast, since youth.

My early professional career initiated as a managerial intern at INROADS, Intern Program. I offered my services to some of the most recognized firms such as ConocoPhillips, Accenture, Chevron, Shell, Proctor and Gamble and made my way to the INROADS Hall of Fame (2004). I earned my certification of CAR interviewer and joined the Advisory board for Texas A&M Career Placement Office while performing my duties at INROADs. From there, I stepped into the petroleum industry in year 2005. I joined the global diversity outreach program at the Shell Organization. I made significant contribution in the Shell Incentive Scholarship Fund and created memorable partnerships with many organizations.

By year 2006, I joined the Gulf Coast Community Services and offered an extended tenure of my services with them. That was one of the turning points in my life.

Abeer: Hate to break in, but can you please elaborate how exactly do you see it as a turning point in your life?

Jeffrey Wallace: While working at the Shell’s Diversity Outreach Program, I learned that Jonita Wallace was recruiting a community director for the Gulf Coast Community Services and I applied.

Luckily, I got selected as a successful candidate and realized that we are short staffed. We only had a handful number of employees. The staff was about 55 members in total. The Gulf Coast Community was an organization whose primary operation was to provide fundings to poverty stricken people.

From there, I initiated my venture and managed to support and provide for 18 families across United States during my first year of service. With sheer determination these numbers gradually increased to 150 by year 2006 and by year 2007 we were peaking at 240.

I tried to track down the reasons what hassles or obstacles are blocking the pathways for my individuals to achieve their goals and I started taking them out one step at a time. For those who were lacking goals and objectives, I aligned them a few. And for those who were struggling to achieve them, I helped them to achieve it.

Abeer: Wow that’s a great story right there! It must have been pretty hard to make this huge transition from Shell Helix to a Non profit Community based Organization? What made you think that you can make this major shift!

Jeffrey Wallace: Yeah, well I thought I could turn things around for the Gulf Community services and I have always been attracted to challenges. So, when Jonita Wallace offered me this wondrous opportunity, I thought why should I hold myself back. Since, then I have been making changes in lives all around me and it makes me feel glad that I am contributing heavenly while playing my part within the society.

One of the many moments which made me feel proud was reaching the mark of adjusting 1000 poverty stricken families. It was one of the major breakthroughs of my life and it really made me feel special. I felt if I could put a bit more effort in, I could turn more wheels around.

Leaving Shell Outreach Program was a tough decision for me; however, I lived to see the agency earn state recognition for its exceptional services for Hurricane Katrina and Rita. It also earned a fair recognition to become a foundation for fundraising and it provided me the opportunity to build long term relationships with other service agencies.

Abeer: Alright! Let’s cut down to the chase… What’s the story behind Altus Corporation? What is Altus and how it’s helping the society?

Jeffrey Wallace: Altus Corporation came into existence back in 2011. It is an organization that provides assistance to individuals through opening increased access routes for care, financial assistance and education. It further help create awareness among others about the Altus Health communities. It is governed by a board of directors containing business persons, community leaders, executives and physicians. They all work in collaboration and support of each other and launch foundation programs and initiatives.

Altus is contributing to the society in many ways. We have contributed to the society by providing a number of services. We provide free skin cancer screening, held colon cancer awareness programs, held breast cancer awareness events and similar services. We create awareness among interested youths through effective mentorship. We have enabled doctors to provide more time to their patients by increasing the access to care. We grant financial assistances for those who are incapable to provide for their medical needs, who are failing to afford medical treatment and care. We have over 50 participating providers in 17 different specialties in Baytown, Beaumont and Houston area who donate their times by catering services to uninsured patients.

Serving more than 1000s of families across United States and transforming the healthcare services, I personally aim to double my figures and achieve more. Altus Foundation provides coordinated care for free and discounted care with more than 40 top physicians in different regions of United States. It makes me proud that my organization has significantly accumulated and contributed more than $2,000,000 for low income families and individuals overseeing healthcare.

Abeer: So Jeff, Being the President of Altus Foundation, what are your core responsibilities?

Jeffrey Wallace: As far as my responsibilities are concerned, I overview the operations side and evaluate fiscal components. I also contribute in carrying out essential administrative functions, focus on development and manage regulatory proceedings. My main agenda is to strengthen the healthcare system side by side creating income based opportunities for individuals across the United States of America. At Altus Corporation, we extend our support to workforce development organizations, literacy organizations, organizations that focus on advocacy of children.

Abeer: I am sure you are a busy personality, but before we call it off! There is this one last question…can you share your perception on the future of Altus?

Jeffrey Wallace: Haha! Yes, very busy! We are aiming big! We are aiming to expand our healthcare services across more regions of United States. Each year we plan to double our figures and we seek to adjust more low income families to support. Currently our experts are working in areas of infusion, dental, optometry, emergency care, surgery, hospice and home healthcare. But, we aim to expand our services to more.

We want to target each and every individual category of healthcare services and make it possible for individuals to live a happy life. We want to run more cancer awareness programs and hold more events to acknowledge individuals the benefits of getting mentored by the best physicians in the State.

We are also aiming to invest in technology development and software industry. We have extended a hand of partnership towards a web/mobile application development agency, Arturo Digital.

Through fundraising, we want to gather more donations so we can help expand our service units in more different areas and localities. Recently, we launched an event called “Toast to Living Well” Gala which helped us raise a budget of $180,000 that can significantly save the lives of many families. We aim to throw more such events so we can raise more budgets to adjust patients who are failing to pay up their medical bills.

Here have a look 🙂

Thank you so much Mr. Wallace for giving me this exceptionally amazing time I had in interviewing you. It has been indeed a privilege.

Gems are hard to find and specifically those which are not only mined but are cut and polished to perfection. We found one at Altus and this one is making a difference in healthcare! The Question lies… Where are you making the difference?