Application Usage Is Making Browser Technology a Thing of the Past

According to a recent statistical analysis conducted by Flurry Analytics, it has been evaluated that the average time spent by the US population on different application categories is estimated to be approximately 5 hours. The timely distribution of digital activities conducted by the overall population represents that almost 92% of the population accesses digital media through apps while the remaining 8% relies on browsers.

As usual, Facebook (the most recognized social media platform) tops the chart by taking the lead at 19% while Music, Media & other Entertainments takes the second position with compensating 14% overall percentile of application usage. Other social media platforms and messaging applications are accountable for 12% while gaming applications stands at a notable percentile of 11%. Other usage of applications are diverse to Sports, Productivity, Lifestyles, Utilities, News are all accountable for a percentile less than 10%. Without a doubt, Mobile Application developers have revolutionized the digital agency. With the advent of smartphone technology, people have created multiple applications that are compatible with a number of devices.
Last but certainly not the least, standing alone at 8% is browsers. As you can see the large gap between the two, it proves that the era of desktop/laptop computing has shown a major decline within the US economy with the rise of smart technology.

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