Apple’s new phones to be called iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

The world is shifting its focus towards Cupertino, California city located at the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It’s because this is where the Apple is headquartered. Today, Apple has announced one of its latest product release as many are focusing on what they call the 10th anniversary of iPhone. The inaugural event is held at the Steve Jobs Theatre. However, the inauguration was a part of the whole real story: it was more of a prized invitation for the press so they could give a complete coverage to the world’s first Apple Park.

If you are wondering whether it is a theme park or not, then you are highly mistaken. It’s not. The Ring structured massive doughnut shaped building is the future Worldwide Developer Conference Center. Here, multiple announces were made in the past including the introduction of renowned iCloud service and so on. To this special day, Apple takes pride in introducing none other than it’s latest tech design, the iPhone X which has significantly swept the whole market off it’s feet.

Apple’s event at the Park just wrapped up, and we take pride in announcing that we managed to get a brief insight on the completely new redesigned iPhone X. The rumours have been around on the market for quite some while and I must say the device fittingly sits best to presumptions.

The Phone is a beauty within itself. As Tim Cook perceived the design and structuring of the new iPhone X, he was significantly correct that it is probably one of the most perfect one by far. The phone comes with a 5.8 inch (edge-to-edge) OLED display and contains beautiful aesthetics. One of the most prominent difference between the new Apple iPhone X has compared to it’s previous design is the absence of the home button. Instead, the phone is a full glass screen offering a high retina display. All you have to do to power up the screen is give it a gentle tap.

Apple also takes pride in announcing the new Face ID using which one can easily unlock their phone. Face ID is enabled in iPhone X using the True Depth Camera System which is integrated at the top of the display. It is extremely secure because the probability for picking up someone else’s face to access device is .00001. Following the wake of SnapChat, Apple has also involved Animojis, a new feature which works best with Face ID. It will detect your facial expressions and based on your facial expression, it will send an emoji out to a recipient in the form of a sticker. It will also help you sync with social media. Powered by A11 Bionic neural engine, the feature is enabled to perform 600 billion operations per second.

Meanwhile, Apple took pride in further announcing the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. These both are actually updated versions of the previous iPhone 7 model. Also, Tim Cook added that they have equipped the new device with multitude of new features which are pre-included in the iPhone X. However, the most significant difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 is the involvement of Augmented Reality (AR). One of the best examples of device compatibility with AR is the game Pokemon GO. Imagine yourself attending in a football game and watching through the screen, just to find out the complete details on each of the player performing on the field! That’s what the new iPhone 8 is capable of.

Furthermore, the new iPhone contains an 8 megapixel camera. iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are going to have dual cameras with lightning portrait modes. Also, you will be able to access a new menu that can help you configure lightning effects for your picture in order to create prominency of the subject as compared to its surroundings. As compared to the previous iPhone model, the features of slow motion video is also refined with greater frame rate. All three iPhones contains a glass on both sides, the front and the back.

Tim Cook claims that the new iPhone is much faster and highly optimized as it comes with A11 bionic chips. The battery life is much better and it last two hours longer than the previous design. The new device is further capable of getting charged wirelessly. The stereo speakers are 25 percent louder than the previous designs and adds a deeper bass which makes it quite a great phone for music lovers.

That’s pretty much all there is that we have learned about the new iPhone. To much of our surprise! The phone is simply a lavish to look upon. Stay tuned in with us, we will cover a complete detailed article on it’s complete features and how it stands different from other phones 🙂 Till then take care.

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